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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  October 9, 2015 6:00pm-6:29pm EDT

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another two hours is a possibility. i think it's going to be done long before that for many like arnold like the highly pop -- like around like the highly populated metro areas. later out east. a strong cell moved over manhattan is over north hempstead. you see some flashes of blue out there. all right? some flashes of blue show me -- that tells me where the hail is falling where the heaviest rain is, as well. but right now it's a tough go on 495. and, of course, you're in the middle of the commute now. this doesn't help things. again it's moving quickly but it doesn't -- you got to deal with it while it's on top of you. as far as how long it's going to be on top of us, i think -- look, i can track this individual cell. i think it's better honestly if i track the tail end of it. i want to track the dry edge on the back of this system. i'll show you when that's going to make its way into towns -- like it will be to new york at 7:31. all right? so basically you're looking at an hour and a half to be done. the heaviest rain will be done.
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last rain in new york falls at 7:31. islip 9 p.m. so a good day tomorrow. weekend forecast dana in just a bit. back to you. >> thank you. let's get to the new jersey transit story. officials saying they will not meet an end of the year deadline to install a new safety system on the railroad trains. them lawmakers now to extend the federal deadline by 3 years and say if that doesn't happen there's a threat of a shutdown. cbs 2's alice gainer is at penn station to explain. alice. >> reporter: nj transit will only say it is unclear if they will be able to operate trains come the new year. so is it serious or are they just trying to pressure congress? this morning, nj transit commuters woke up to a startling threat. their trains might shut down at the end of the year because the new safety system won't be implemented in time. >> absolutely a nightmare. >> reporter: but is it real? the federal government says without ptc, or positive train control, the trains can't legally roll and only congress can change that. so what happens at deadline time?
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from the sources we checked with, the trains will probably keep rolling but nj transit will be fined heavily. the deadline for positive train control is december 31. it's technology to prevent collisions and derailments like the deadly derailment last spring in philadelphia. it would do so by automatically stopping a train signal. today, nj transit issued a statement saying, quote, without a ptc extension, it's unclear whether nj transit will be able to operate january 1, 2016. we pressed and pressed nj transit to go on camera and explain what unclear means. as it stands, railroads operating trains on systems without ptc after the current other penaltyings. so is it just a scare tactic to get an extension? >> railroads don't want to break the law. so it's now to the point where
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it's lawyer versus lawyer. >> reporter: an expert says things will somehow get ironed out. >> in the long run, if one says a and one says b, in the negotiation there's probably a point c. i suspect there are lawyers in a room someplace right now looking at what the government wants done, what the railroads say they can do, and some middle line will come out of all of it. >> reporter: at least one rider didn't seem too worried. >> it would be insane. the roads would be stopped. gw bridge, coming up from jersey, a complete halt. it's not possible not to give them an extension. i'm not too concerned. >> reporter: we also reached out to the mta and they won't have this done in time, either. they think a three-year extension would be good. new jersey senator cory booker is joining other lawmakers and asking congress for the extension and also financial assistance where needed. at penn station, alice gainer, cbs 2 news. new at 6:00 tonight, police revealing details of an alarming armed robbery trend on long island. they have increased patrols at
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monday's robbery in carle place. it happened inside the joyce leslie store on glen cove road. detectives say two customers and two clerks were tied up and the robbers stole wallets, phones and cash. other shoppers are on edge. >> it's scary to think that you can't even going shop anymore for fear that you're going to be robbed while you're in the store. >> nowadays you can't take anything for granted. you have to think security first. >> reporter: police believe the suspect may be linked to another robbery in east meadow. a little girl bitten and bruised in a vicious dog attack is recovering at home tonight. cbs 2's christine sloan spoke with her family in bayonne. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: a father and his daughter traumatized after their neighbor's pit bull viciously attacks her biting into her head. >> i just come from my house, not even five seconds, i see
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the dog come from next house flying to us. >> reporter: the 5-year-old girl needed stitches in her head and by the marks were all over her arm. she was walking to school with her dad when he says the pit bull went through the gate. >> the gate was open. >> reporter: he is one of the owners of the pit bull, also attacked when he tried to pull the dog off of the girl. the original owner of the dog his roommate died three days ago. [ sirens ] [ inaudible ] >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: are you injured also? >> yeah. it bit me in my hand. i try to protect my daughter as i can. >> the owner said do something. >> reporter: this neighbor and a bus assistant driving by with special needs students stepped in to help, too. >> are you sure? do something. so the cops shot the dog. >> are you okay, honey? >> reporter: the girl's friend was with her, so shocked they can't talk. >> all the children on the bus are special needs children and they had to watch not only a child being attacked but also a dog being shot!
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says the fence was closed. now, a woman who lives in this building says this dog had attacked its owners before. in bayonne, new jersey, christine sloan, cbs2 news. >> child had to get four rabies shots. the prosecutor's office has interviewed the dog's owner. no charges have been filed. the health department may issue a fine because the dog was unlicensed. police in bridgeport, connecticut will soon make an arrest in the attempted abduction of a teenager. investigators say they have been in contact with the owner of the car allegedly involved but that then she hired a lawyer. the girl's escape from the moving car on monday was caught on surveillance video. the suspect is a woman in her 40s. the 17-year-old high school student told detectives the woman offered her a ride to school but then sexually assaulted her. >> i don't think that the gender or the sexual orientation of someone is
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all i see is this. i see a child and an adult and a report of a crime being committed against the child. >> bridgeport police say the suspect lives in new haven. a heartless crime against a 79-year-old brooklyn man caught on surveillance video. earlin clarke attacked and robbed outside his home in flatbush tuesday afternoon. the suspects were seen ambushing him from behind. he was put in a chokehold, forced to ground by one person as a second attacker grabbed his wallet and his cell phone. >> the moment when it happened you lose your sense of reality. >> it was terrible. it was the worst thing i ever seen in my life to watch my brother helpless. >> surveillance video also showing the suspects at kings plaza mall. police say they used his credit cards to make purchases at the adidas store. no word on any arrests. nypd commissioner bill bratton is concerned about the impending release of thousands
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of federal inmates. he says he supports the idea of releasing nonviolent inmates, but he says it's being rushed forward without appropriate safety nets including plans for proper monitoring, housing and jobs for the inmates. the commissioner hopes to meet with president bush while he is in washington next week to discuss this issue. one of the city's emergency medical technicians charged tonight with faking a 911 call. investigators rested the 27- year-old william medina of new york for the false call that prompted nearly a dozen workers to respond including two ambulances. medina was allegedly in queens when his unit was assigned to respond to a case in brooklyn. police say he didn't want to go. so he allegedly called in a fake report to 911 of a higher priority patient nearby in queens to try to remain there. the corruption case against new jersey senator robert menendez will move forward.
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a federal judge denied menendez's motion to have the 12 remaining charges dismissed. two counts were thrown out last month. he is accused of taking money and gifts from a florida eye doctor in exchange for political influence. the senator plans to appeal this latest ruling. some couples in new jersey might need a divorce do-over. police say that's thanks to this woman, they may still be married. she is under arrest tonight. >> also, a school bus in flames. an off-duty officer jumps into action to save the people on board. >> and saying thanks a little boy on a mission to visit every police precinct in the city. what inspired his journey of gratitude. >> and lonnie with a rainy friday. >> yeah, it's raining now in spots. i mean, talking about some heavy rain. i'll discuss when the rain will finish and what tomorrow holds in just a bit. >> coming up on the "cbs evening news," they had so much rain, still dealing with the flooding in the carolinas. scott pelley will have that tonight at 6:30. scott?
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>> reporter: dana, the flood emergency in the carolinas is only growing worse. the water is still rising. they -- it may continue to do so for the next 24 hours. we'll have the latest from the scene. >> and it's friday so we'll have steve hartman "on the road." this time, a bride's dilemma, what do you do when you have two fathers of the bride? all that coming up for you at 6:30. we work weekends here. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here.
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new at 6:00, a new jersey woman arrested for selling fake divorce papers. passaic county prosecutors charged the woman of elmwood park for practicing law without a license and with forgery. they say the woman forged the signature of a superior court judge on divorce judgments. it's not clear how many couples thinking they were getting divorced were allegedly tricked. a coned worker saved a toddler today who appeared close to falling from a second floor window in the bronx. the person was working on the grand concourse in the mount eden section when he heard an adult screaming for help. he looked up to see a baby in danger. he didn't hesitate. >> i just ran and got a ladder
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it and i ran up and got the baby down. >> why was she in that sort of place when it happened? you know? how did she get there? i don't know. but at least someone saved her which is good. >> police say the child was not injured and so far no charges have been filed. an off-duty nypd transit officer also jumped into action after a fiery crash involving a school bus on the long island expressway. officers -- officer christopher canale was on the l.i.e. yesterday when the bus slammed into the back of a truck bursting into flame near exit 70. without hesitating this officer, who was on vacation, ran to help. >> first thing i'm thinking is that there's children inside the bus. it is my biggest fear. i have two kids of my own and it was a big concern. i heard someone screaming on the front of the bus and it
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>> the officer rescued the driver and the bus monitor. both had minor injuries. the bus was on the way to pick up children for the riverhead school district. how do you say thank you to the city's 35,000 police officers? just ask a 7-year-old in brooklyn. new at 6:00, cbs 2's meg baker finds out what inspired this williamsburg boy to visit them. >> reporter: 7-year-old zachary takes time with his mom every saturday to visit a different police precinct in this city. >> i want to make them happy. >> reporter: the new tradition started after two nypd officers were killed in the line of duty. >> because they died. >> reporter: how does that make you feel? >> sad. >> reporter: zachary asked his mother rosa if he could give out thank you cards to police officers for their bravery. >> thank you for your hard work and service. i said to my mom, i want to do something. >> i'm very proud of him. we've been now to 52
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precincts, 7 transits, two housings and 13 specialty units. >> reporter: and yesterday, zachary's role model had a message for him. >> it's a wonderful story, little 7-year-old fella that would take that time to go around, and i look forward to having him up to my office next week and, you know, greeting him. we'll have some fun with him. >> i want to note, we want him -- i was going to say, we want him in the class of 2032, i think it is? 2033? >> 31. >> so tell him we are holding a space for him 2031. >> when i grow up i want to be a police officer. >> reporter: mom and son have 300 cards printed and ready to give out this saturday in brooklyn at 61st precinct. in williamsburg, brooklyn, meg baker, cbs 2 news. >> officer zachary i think we should be calling him already. [ laughter ] lonnie, the rain is still coming down but we have had some changes with the watches. >> watching are being allowed to expire pretty quickly and i see some pretty big improvement out there. it's not a great looking picture but if you look at
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that, remember the picture i showed you at the top of the newscast? you couldn't see anything. the big rain was right on top of us and now things are starting to clear for some folks out there. the current temperature is coming in at 65 degrees. we will continue to improve as we go through the night. but as of right now the line is still with us. there are still some heavy storms out there. headlines looking like this. some of you are starting to dry out. it's improving for some of you. there are some downtors we are dealing with. after that a little bit of trailing activity behind it. there are some downpours we are dealing with. this is the main player right now. a nice weekend is ahead but it's going to be a cooler when out there and especially, i'll tell you, sunday morning i think -- it's possible sunday morning to see frost and monday morning. getting to be that time of year. 78 was your high temp today. tomorrow cooler, you will take that down by at least 10 degrees or more. today was 10 degrees above the average. so by the time you get to tomorrow's highs it's going to
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nice fall weekend and a lot of sunshine. one line of storms with heavy downpours in there, it is problems. we have a flood advisory right now for nassau and suffolk counties until 7 p.m. i think the type of flooding you would see would be the places that typically flood that you -- i know i'm going to find it on this corner. it's going to be there rights now. drainage problems could lead to it, as well. but it's really -- the ponding severe thunderstorm watch. remember i showed you at the new jersey? now it's just those areas that are outside of the city and down into monmouth and ocean into nassau counties. that's in effect until 8 p.m. and things are really going to start, you know, calming down quickly once we get to this line, and it gets out of here. have some rain that's making of long island. you can see that right there. and if i go south of the city, some of the heaviest rain that we have seen today has been south of our area like outside of philadelphia. but the further south you go even in our area air finding some heavier -- you're finding
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some heavier showers and thunderstorms. monmouth county, you're going to be cleared, give it about a half-hour and you'll be into a much lighter rain and then half-hour after that and you will be finished altogether. so for the weekend if you are going picking apples or pumpkins, you pick the fruit or vegetable i guess, saturday and sunday both good days for it. saturday cooler 62 to 65. sunday the pick of the weekend 67 to 70. both weekend days are nice. if you are hanging out in the city this weekend, it will be 65 on saturday. 69 on sunday. and look, you have more clouds there on your saturday picture but they are really going to be clearing out early saturday. i'm talking about clearing out like 6:00, 7:00 in the morning. saturday afternoon nice. sunday afternoon nice at 69. then back to the 70s on monday and tuesday. >> thank you. the puck drops in a new borough tonight. otis has that. said that carefully. >> while try to do the same.
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>> a new era in islander hockey. the season debut is tonight. >> the mets are back in the play-offs and it's an arms race against the dodgers pitching galore! way back when, in the neighborhoods of new york... the working people, the people who really make this city work-- the beat cops, nurses, teachers, and engineers had affordable health care thanks to an upstart mayor, and a couple of non-profits called ghi and hip-- now called emblemhealth. because emblemhealth believes that working new yorkers deserve quality care,
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so new moms and dads can breathe a little easier, and the young at heart can live healthy and strong. and today, emblemhealth is still doing what it did when it was ghi and hip, setting a national standard with neighborhood care-- not because of some new law, but because looking after your neighbors is just right.
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mets fans, here we go. otis livingston here with sports tonight. game one. >> time to play ball on the left coast. after a nine-year absence the mets are back in the play- offs. a national league east champ, get a best-of-five series starting in l.a. it has two of the best pitching staffs going. dodgers with cy young winners and mets with pitchers who will be in line to win the award until the very near future. game one will feature three- time sigh you know winger clayton computer shan -- winner clayton kershaw against jason degrom. kershaw beat the mets in july before the new look mets made some moves and had some big names coming back from injury. >> d'arnaud and wright were out at the time. so there's a lot of guys that that i'll be seeing for the first time this season at least. definitely a completely different team. a lot better than what we faced in july.
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guy could come with game one. i was honored. i'm going to keep it simple. it's another game an pitch my ballgame. >> joe girardi held his year end press conference at yankee stadium today. a team that was picked fourth in the division by many limped into the wild card game. some of would call that a success but in yankee land it's a failure. girardi was asked to evaluate his performance. >> with the information in front of me and being prepared and the discussions that i had with my coaches, i did what i thought was right every day. we didn't win. so that's going to be questioned. and i understand that. i did the best i could is the bottom line. >> all right. blue jays and rangers game 2 of the alds. we saw the benches empty. this was over watching a foul ball, believe it or not. nothing came of that but an inning later in the 14th the rangers take a stranglehold on the series. the throw is beat home. the rangers win game 2 in 14 innings and go back to texas with a 2-0 series lead.
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in the other american league division series of royals and astros tied at 4 in the 7th. and coming up in about 20 minutes, the cardinals will host the cubs. there's a new sheriff in brooklyn. it's the new york islanders who will play their first-ever regular season game in their new home in the barclays center against the blackhawks tonight. the empire state building was all abuzz last night lit up with the blue and orange and there they were today. this morning in the skate- around they followed the brooklyn nets as the second major professional sports to play in the borough since the dodgers in 1957. they are the first professional hockey team to lace 'em up in brooklyn. >> i thought about it all summer, you know, it's -- i can't wait for opening night you can certainly hear the building rocking. our fans will make it an exciting night. a new place and breaking in the right way. >> they are going up against the defending champion chicago blackhawks. the rangers beat them. >> go.
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>> thank you, otis. up next, walking on water. one man's ambitious idea for a pedestrian bridge across the hudson. we'll be back. >> closed captioning on cbs 2 news is brought to you by: goya. with the help of comfort keepers, i'm keeping my mom healthy! i'm keeping dad on schedule. i'm keeping my mom happy! comfort keepers in-home professional caregivers can provide meal planning and preparation, health and wellness services and personal care services through custom care plans that can change as needs change, so your aging loved ones can
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i'm maurice dubois. this is controversial halloween display is in new jersey. it's keeping people up. did the homeowners go too far? we'll get into that. plus, do you check your medical symptoms online? a lot of people do. there is a new warning you need to know about the next time you search for a diagnosis. that and more at 11:00 on cbs 2 news. finally here at 6:00 a jersey city man has this idea to help solve commuter traffic in and out of manhattan. how about walking over the hudson river? his idea is called the liberty bridge. he is from jersey city as i said. kevin shane says his pedestrian bridge would alleviate the already crowded public transportation and the continues and on the rails and give commuters another option to exercise a little bit, too. well, so far, over 1,000
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